AGW Electronics Ltd. became a client of Tech Station as soon as it was possible. AGW was aware of the service that Dave Wilson could provide and knew that this would continue through an organization that he owned and managed.
Tech Station do provide this expected excellent service, have great availability and offer sound advice.
Tech Station understands that its role is to support your business, ensuring that your computing facilities continue with as little disruption as possible. It has a good understanding of your business and its needs. It can be approached and will provide help regardless of the problem’s size.  
The computing environment is continuously changing, with regard to software, hardware and operating systems. Without specialist knowledge this can lead to unexpected problems for a company. Tech Station has this knowledge and can advise on forth coming changes, provide the relevant information and help plan the action to be taken, in the most efficient and cost sensitive manner.
Tech Station  has a good  personable approach and accessibility. This allows great communication and quick solutions.
AGW Electronics Ltd. continue to  be a client and is glad that the initial motivation to employ Tech Station has been proved to be correct.

Nigel Godwin | Joint Managing Director

Leading UK manufacturer and designer of quality wound components and assemblies since 1975

What do Aztec Oils Limited look for in a computing facilities provider?


  • A firm understanding of our business and it’s requirements
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Speedy solutions
  • Reliability
  • Rapid support either in person or by remote access
  • Any necessary disruption kept to a minimum
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Keeps up with technology in a continuously changing industry


These are the requirements demanded by a company of Aztec’s stature and which have been extremely well provided by Dave Wilson and TechStation for several years now - long may our association continue as we have no intention of going elsewhere!

Sue Cawood  Commercial Director